28th February 2022 to 7th April 2022 - TEMPORARY SPEED RESTRICTIONS - B2192 RINGMER ROAD. Works anticipated to take 39 days to complete.

Please be aware that the B2192 Ringmer Road, Ringmer will have temporary speed restrictions to allow UK Power Networks to carry out joint bay and excavation works. The speed restrictions will be from the junction with the C113 New Road to the junction with the A26 Malling Down / Uckfield Road, a distance of approximately 1850 metres.

The 40mph speed limit will be changed to a temporary 30mph Speed Restriction from the junction with the C113 New Road to the national speed limit marker.

The National Speed limit (60mph) will be changed to a Temporary 30mph Speed Restriction from the B2192 National Speed Limit marker west to outside the Allotment Gardens on the B2192.

The remaining section of Ringmer Road, Ringmer will stay as per the 30-mph speed limit to the junction with the A26 Uckfield Road / Malling Down.

If you need to discuss this further please contact:

UK Power Networks on 07557 232 691

LW/21/0986 Land East of Harrisons Lane, Ringmer - Due to the number of enquiries received on this application, please be advised that we can confirm this was discussed at the meeting on Tuesday 11th January 2022 and the Parish Council agreed to offer their objection.

Designs for Ringmer Skatepark - "Skatepark Consultation Styles"

Notice of Co-option of Cllr Vacancy June 2021

Skate Park on the Green - Barrister's Report and Instructions - "Barrister's Findings"

It was agreed at the Greens and Amenities Meeting held on Thursday 8th May to publish the findings of the Barrister's Report and his Instructions. Please click on "Barrister's Findings" above.

Instructions to Counsel

Flower Tribute to Prince Philip

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Richard Turner of Ringmer Parish Council, expressed the sadness of Ringmer Parish Council and the residents of Ringmer at the news of the death of Prince Philip,
The Duke of Edinburgh.

During Covid restrictions, an e-book of condolence will be available on the Royal website (

Should residents wish to lay flowers during the period of mourning. Royal Tributes may be laid outside the pump and the Jubilee Rose Garden on the Village Green.
All flowers plastic wrap must be removed. No other tributes will be permitted. Floral tributes will remain in place until the week after the funeral.

For further information please contact the Clerk Tel: 01273 813242 or 07565 704342 or email

Please find the link for the statement from the District Council.…/statement-from-eastb…/

Ringmer Parish Council has been asked to take part in a consultation regarding land availability to be included in the District Councils Local Plan. This is the first time that Town and Parish Councils have been able to take part in the Call for Sites consultation. It was upon the recommendation of Cllr Kay as a member of the District Councils Planning Users Group, advised the Planning Officers Town and Parish Councils should be consulted as they have local knowledge regarding any site within the Town or Parish Boundary.

Ringmer Parish Council is working on a response to the consultation, which be submitted to the District Council by the 12th March 2021, as soon as the draft response is available it will be made available as a supporting document for the Planning Committee Meeting which is being held on 11th February 2021. The link to the documents which have been made available to the Parish Council are below:

LDC Local Plan Briefing Note

List of Sites

Map of sites

Land Availability Assessment

Ringmer Parish Council DRAFT response

This will have impact Ringmer given the size and number of sites for development proposed. However, this is not imminent and some of the sites may be discounted.


Lewes District Council has commenced the preparation of a new Local Plan for the part of the District that is outside of the South Downs National Park. The new Local Plan will set out a long-term strategy and policies to manage growth and guide development, and once adopted will be the key planning document against which planning applications will be assessed.

As a key piece of evidence to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan, we are undertaking a Land Availability Assessment (LAA), which is a high level assessment of the potential availability of land for future development, and is used as a starting point to decide where development could take place as part of the Local Plan. It is important to note that the LAA does not in itself determine whether or not a site will be allocated for development – it is the role of the local plan to do this. Similarly, the LAA does not automatically determine whether or not planning permission for a site would be granted.

A ‘Call for Sites’ was undertaken in late 2020 to allow landowners to submit sites for consideration. Through the LAA, we will assess these sites as to whether they are suitable, available and achievable against criteria set out in a methodology. This is a process that we will be undertaking over the next few months.

However, prior to this assessment commencing, we would like to ask Town and Parish Councils to help us by providing information about the sites from your local knowledge to assist us in undertaking the assessment. Please note that the LAA will only be considering sites that are located outside of the South Downs National Park.

Notice of Vacancy

Ringmer Parish Council has moved. The new address is:

Ringmer Parish Council, Old School Close, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5RA